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Teachers and equipment

👨‍🏫Adequate professional teachers
1. Full-time teachers:
 All the full-time teachers have obtained Doctor of Occupational Therapy or physician background ,expertises covering a variety of fields and possess abundant practice experiments,teaching students professional knowledge.

2. Jointly Appointed Professor:
Hired teachers from different universities who have expertise in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychosis, Early Intervention, Long-term care,and so on. Providing students more practice knowledge apart from theory, promoting student’s competitive strength.
3. Clinical supervision:
Hired senior and excellent occupational therapists, guided students to internships at on-campus occupational therapy internship centers, off-campus teaching hospitals,Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinics and so on.

📚Complete hardware equipment and professional classroom

1. Sensory integration therapy practice classroom:
A classroom that simulates children’s sensory integration therapy equipment, lets students be familiar with the children’s  occupational therapy clinical environment.

2. Physical occupational therapy practice classroom:
A classroom that provided practice classroom for students to use assistive device equipment ,nourish student ability to operate 3D printers and make all varieties of thermoplastic splints.

3. Group-dynamic & comprehensive activity practice classroom
A classroom that provides students designing and leading variety types proposeful activities as therpaeutic invention of clients with mental illness to functional independence.

4. Assistive design and production practice classroom:

A classroom that provides students learning assistive technology, cultivating students's capabilities of 3D printing and thermoplastic splint.

5. Long-term care practice classroom:
A classroom that simulates the environment of home equipment in daily life ,providing students relative ability to long-term care.

6. Work ability assessment:
A classroom that simulates various kinds of function and work assessment , providing assessment tools for students to drill different kinds of medical and rehabilitation.