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111 academic year admission information

🙋‍♂️Star plan in AUOT
      Relative information about star plan in AUOT
🙋Individual application for admission in AUOT
       Notice of application document and interview in AUOT
      AUOT examinee and parent's Q&A/ A short version of AUOT 
      Relative information about individual application in AUOT

✋Advanced Subjects Test in AUOT
     Relative information about Advanced Subjects Test in AUOT

📺 Relative video about AUOT (important! very recommend!!)
       Introduction of AUOT
       AUOT and full introduction of Occupational Therapy 
       student’s personality traits in AUOT
       alumnus interviews in AUOT
       3D printing assistive device course in AUOT
       animal-assisted therapy course in AUOT

🏫About Asia University
      Introduction about Asia University
      International Exchange in Asia University
      Introduction about the campus of Asia University
      Introduction about student dormitory



111 academic year official account of Asia University,
 department of occupational therapy