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Professional classroom 

Our department has five professional classrooms, including the Clinical Practice (professional) Classroom (I104 Room), the Senesory integration & group-dynamic (professional) classroom (I215 Room), the Daily life activities professional classroom (I214 Room), the Assistive Technology Making Professional Classroom (H414 Room), the Clinical assessment and observation professional classroom (H416), and the Work Capacity Profession Classroom (I528 Room). 

1️⃣ I104 Room - Clinical Practice (professional) Classroom 
There are anatomy relative models and assessment tools of occupational therapy in the classroom.

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2️⃣ I215 Room - Senesory integration & group-dynamic (professional) classroom
This classroom provides places for pediatric occupational therapy internship courses and group dynamics internships.
 Equipment including Classroom for Sensory Integration (ball pool, slides, a variety of swiss ball, suspension system…etc.), assessment tools of pediatric occupational therapy,upholstered activity space and wooden floor activity space.

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3️⃣ I214 Room - Daily Life Activities Professional Classroom
There are a variety of assessment tools, treatment tables and many kinds of wheelchairs(electric wheelchair, high back reclining wheelchair, spinal cord injury standard wheelchair and universal wheelchair) in the classroom.

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4️⃣ H414 Room - Specific Assistive Technology Making Professional Classroom
The main purpose of this classroom is use for making splints and aids, assisting disabled and caregiver conduct daily life activity.

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5️⃣ H416 Room - Clinical Assessment and Observation Professional Classroom
This classroom is used for clinical evaluation observation and animal-assisted therapy.

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6️⃣ I528 Room - Work Capacity Profession Classroom
This classroom collected many kinds of assessment tools related to career rebuilding.
Through practicing, students can understand the respondent's illness, emotional condition, interest and expertise, work habits and working attitude.

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Professional equipment

 List of instruments and equipment in various professional classrooms 
To view our professional equipment, please clink on the link below.)

👉Clinical Practice (professional) Classroom (I104 Room)

  👉Senesory integration & group-dynamic (professional) classroom (I215 Room) 
Shared with the Department of Early Childhood Education

👉enesory integration & group-dynamic (professional) classroom (I215B Room)

👉 Daily life activities professional classroom (I214 Room)

👉Assistive Technology Making Professional Classroom (H414 Room)

👉Clinical assessment and observation professional classroom (H416)

👉Work Capacity Profession Classroom (I528 Room)