Ya-Chen Lee(李雅珍)
Status Faculty Members in Teaching Professional Courses
Name Ya-Chen Lee(李雅珍)
Job title Associate Professor
Tel 20007
Office Location HB07
Areas of Research
Occupational Therapy specializing in physical functioning
Development of Occupational Therapy assessments for physical dysfunctions
Examination of psychometric properties of assessments
Assessment of activities of daily living in patients with stroke
Ph.D., Department of Occupational Therapy, National Taiwan University
M.S., School of Occupational Therapy, University of Western Ontario, Canada
B.S., Department of Health Sciences, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Post-Doctorate Researcher, Department of Occupational Therapy, National Cheng Kung University
Teaching Assistant, Department of Occupational Therapy, National Taiwan University
Research Assistant, Department of Occupational Therapy, National Taiwan University
Occupational therapist, Bridgepoint Hospital, Ontario, Canada
Teaching Areas Courses related to Occupational Therapy
Office Hours
Year Paper Title
2024 En-Chi Chiu、賴仲亮、Shu-Chun Lee、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)*, The role of subtests of the Mini-Mental State Examination-Second Edition in predicting activities of daily living in people with dementia, International Journal of Gerontology, 2024
2023 楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*、楊鎮嘉(Yang Cheng Chia)、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Pei-Lun Hsieh、Ying-Lien Lin, Investigating the effectiveness of online interactive courses on loneliness and quality of life of older adults in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic: A pilot study and a randomized controlled trial, Geriatrics & Gerontology International, 2023
2023 Kuan-Lin Chen(Kuan-Lin Chen)*、Dai-Rong Jiang、Yen-Ting Yu、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), Development and psychometric evidence of the Chinese Version of the Theory of Mind Inventory-2 (ToMI-2) in children with autism spectrum disorder, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2023
2023 陳小晴(Hsiao-Ching Chen)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*, Examining the predictors of turnover behavior in newly employed certified nurse aides: A prospective cohort study, Safety and Health at Work, 2023
2023 廖婉珊、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien)、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*, 探討咖啡沖泡課程介入日間照顧中心高齡者日常生活 功能、認知功能、手功能之成效:前驅研究, 臺灣職能治療研究與實務雜誌, 2023
2023 Shu-Chun Lee、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、En-Chi Chiu(En-Chi Chiu)*, Psychometric validation of the Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument using Rasch analysis in people with dementia, MEDICINE, 2023
2023 Yi-Ching Wang、Pei-Fen Chang、Yi-Miau Chen、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Sheau-Ling Huang、Mei-Hsiang Chen、謝清麟(Ching-Lin Hsieh)*, Comparison of responsiveness of the Barthel Index and modified Barthel Index in patients with stroke, DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION, 2023
2023 Wang I、Li PC、Lee SC、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)*、謝清麟(Ching-Lin Hsieh), Development of a Berg Balance Scale short-form using a machine learning approach in patients with stroke, Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, 2023
2022 高祥禎(高祥禎)、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien)、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*, 12週多感官刺激介入對長照機構住民心理健康之成效, 臺灣職能治療研究與實務雜誌, 2022
2022 劉珈?、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien), 四週線上課程介入對社區高齡長者孤獨感、生活品質與社會支持之成效初探, 臺灣職能治療研究與實務雜誌, 2022
2022 Yu-Chi Wang、Pin-Hsuan Lin、Ying-Lien Lin、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、陳怡靜(Yi-Ching Chen)、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*, Factors influencing loneliness among older people using homecare services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Psychogeriatrics, 2022
2022 Shih-Chieh Lee、Ying-Chih Wang、Gong-Hong Lin、Pei-Chi Li、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)*、Chia-Yeh Chou、Chien-Yu Huang、謝清麟(Ching-Lin Hsieh), Development of a short-form Stroke Impact Scale using a machine learning algorithm in patients at subacute stage, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, 2022
2022 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Shu-Chun Lee、En-Chi Chiu(En-Chi Chiu)*, Practice effect and test-retest reliability of the Mini-Mental State Examination-2 in people with dementia, BMC Geriatrics, 2022
2022 楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*、Yu-Chen Lin、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Pei-Lun Hsieh、Ying-Lien Lin, Board game intervention to improve cognitive and daily functioning in elderly people with mild cognitive impairment: A randomized controlled trial, International Journal of Gerontology, vol.16 no.4 pp.315-407, 2022
2022 楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)、Yu-Chi Wang、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Ying-Lien Lin、Pei-Lun Hsieh、Pin-Hsuan Lin(Pin-Hsuan Lin)*, Does Smartphone Addiction, Social Media Addiction, and/or Internet Game Addiction Affect Adolescents’ Interpersonal Interactions?, Healthcare, 2022
2021 Chen KW、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Yu TY、Cheng LJ、Chao CY、謝清麟(Ching-Lin Hsieh)*, Test-retest reliability and convergent validity of the test of nonverbal intelligence-fourth edition in patients with stroke, BMC Psychiatry, 2021
2021 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、En-Chi Chiu(En-Chi Chiu)*, Nutritional status as a predictor of comprehensive activities of daily living function and quality of life in patients with stroke, NEUROREHABILITATION, 2021
2021 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Yi-Te Lin、En-Chi Chiu(En-Chi Chiu)*, A comparison of test-retest reliability of four cognitive screening tools in people with dementia, DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION, 2021
2021 Cheng Liu、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Ying-Lien Li、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*, Factors Associated with Anxiety and Quality of Life of the Wuhan Populace during the COVID-19 Pandemic, STRESS AND HEALTH, 2021
2021 Shih-Chieh Lee、Kuan-Wei Chen、Chien-Yu Huang、Pei-Chi Li、Ton-Lin Hsieh、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、I-ping Hsueh(I-ping Hsueh)*, Development of a rasch-calibrated test assessing implied meaning in patients with schizophrenia, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, 2021
2021 En-Chi Chiu、Tzu-Hua Chien、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)*, Measurement Equivalence between the Original and Estimated Mini-Mental State Examination in People with Dementia, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021
2021 許俊成、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien), 老年人老化態度與心理健康之相關性研究, 台灣職能治療研究與實務雜誌, 2021
2021 En-Chi Chiu、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Shu-Chun Lee、I-Ping Hsueh(I-Ping Hsueh)*, Reliability of the performance-based measure of executive functions in people with schizophrenia, BMC Psychiatry, 2021
2021 Pei-Lun Hsieh、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*、Ying-Lien Lin、Yu-Ru Huang, Association between Work Content and Musculoskeletal Disorders among Home Caregivers : A Cross-Section Stud, INDUSTRIAL HEALTH, 2021
2020 Huang YJ、Lin GH、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、吳姿誼(TZU-YI WU)、Hou WH(Hou WH)*、謝清麟(Ching-Lin Hsieh), Improving the utility of the European Health Literacy Survey Questionnaire a computerized adaptive test for patients with stroke, DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION, 2020
2020 王俐庭、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien), 高齡者的憂鬱、健康行為與睡眠品質相關性研究, 台灣職能治療研究與實務雜誌, 2020
2019 李雅珍(Lee YC)、Lin CH、Tsai CH、Li HJ、Lin SK、Chen KL(Chen KL)*, Association Between Executing Theory of Mind in a Limited Experimental Context and Executing It in Daily Contexts in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-Sectional Study, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, vol.73 no.3 pp.1-11, 2019
2019 Lin GH、Huang YJ、李雅珍(Lee YC)、Lee SC、Chou CY、Hsieh CL(Hsieh CL)*, Development of a Computerized Adaptive Testing System for assessing 5 functions in patients with stroke: a simulation and validation study, ARCHIVES OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, vol.100 pp.889-907, 2019
2019 Lin PH、李雅珍(Lee YC)、Chen KL、Hsieh PL、Yang SY(Yang SY)*、Lin YL, The Relationships between Sleep Quality and Internet Addiction among Female College Students, Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol.13 pp.599-, 2019
2019 Lin SC、Lin KH、李雅珍(Lee YC)、Peng HY、Chiu EC(Chiu EC)*, Test-retest reliability of the Mini Nutritional Assessment in patients with stroke, PLoS One, vol.14 no.6, 2019
2019 Chen KL、Chen CT、Lin CH、Huang CY、Lee YC(Lee YC)*, Prediction Of Playfulness By Pretend Play, Severity Of Autism Behaviors, And Verbal Comprehension In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, vol.15 pp.3177-3186, 2019
2018 Hsiu-Hui Chen、Pin-Hsuan Lin、Shang-Yu Yang、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), Effect of Physical Activity on Functional Fitness for Elderly in Community, Journal of Taiwan Occupational Therapy Research and Practice, 2018
2018 吳庭嘉、李雅珍、傅弈寧、尤姿婷、陳官琳, 學齡前孩童認知及情感心智理論與執行功能之關係, 職能治療學會雜誌, vol.33 no.2 pp.133-151, 2018
2018 陳秀惠、林品瑄、楊尚育*、李雅珍, 體能活動介入對日間照顧中心失智症高齡者體適能之成效, 台灣職能治療研究與實務雜誌, vol.14 no.2 pp.101-110, 2018
2017 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Yu WH、Hsueh IP、Chen SS、Hsieh CL(Hsieh CL)*, Test-retest reliability and responsiveness of the Barthel Index-based Supplementary Scales in patients with stroke, European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 2017
2017 楊尚育(Yang SY)、Lin CY、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Chang JH(Chang JH)*, The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure for patients with stroke: A systematic review, Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 2017
2016 展秉箴(Chan PC)、Chen CT、Feng H、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Chen KL, Theory of mind deficit is associated with pretend play performance, but not playfulness, in children with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Hong Kong Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2016
2016 黃千瑀(Huang CY)、Lin GH、Huang YJ、Song CY、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、How MJ、Chen YM、Hsueh IP、Chen MH(Chen MH)*、Hsieh CL, Improving the utility of the Brunnstrom recovery stages in patients with stroke: Validation and quantification, MEDICINE, vol.95 no.31, 2016
Date of Publication Paper Title
2021.11 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、李淑君、邱恩琦, Test, retest reliability of three versions in different forms of the Mini Mental State Examination-2 in people with dementia - 社團法人臺 灣職能治療學會 第 18 屆第 3 次會員大會暨第 40 次 學術研討會, Nov. 2021, 台北
2021.11 林柏凱、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), 遠程復健模式對於中風個案運動成效之 探討—文獻回顧 , 社團法人臺 灣職能治療學會 第 18 屆第 3 次會員大會暨第 40 次 學術研討會, Nov. 2021, 台北
2021.10 Inga Wang、Pei-Chi Li、Shih-Chieh Lee、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Ching-Lin Hsieh, Development of a Berg Balance Scale Short Form Using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Approach , Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Oct. 2021, Netherlands
2021.10 邱恩琦、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), 簡短智能評估第二版之練習效應於失智症個案之驗證 , 2021年台灣失智症聯合學術研討會-失智照護服務, Oct. 2021, 台北
2021.09 Kuan-Wei Chen、Cheng Li Jung、Chien-Yu Chao、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、Tzu-Ying Yu、Ching-Lin Hsieh, Alternate From Reliability and Practice Effect of the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, Fourth Edition for Patients with Schizophrenia - 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE CONGRESS, Sep. 2021, Virtual Platform
2021.09 楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)、Pin-Hsuan Lin、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien), Relationships Between Self, Efficacy and Interpersonal Interaction in Junior College Students - 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE CONGRESS, Sep. 2021, Virtual Platform
2020.12 邱恩琦、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), Comparing test, retest reliability of four cognitive screening tools in people with dementia - 2020社團法人臺灣職能治療學會第39次學術研討會, Dec. 2020, Taichung
2020.12 賴怡臻、蔣孟軒、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), 音樂介入對大學學生認知影響成效初探討, 文獻回顧 - 2020社團法人臺灣職能治療學會第39次學術研討會, Dec. 2020, Taichung
2020.12 李沛綺、 周佳燁、陳顥齡、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、謝清麟(Ching-Lin Hsieh), Development of an AI, Based Short-Form Stroke Impact Scale - 2020社團法人臺灣職能治療學會第39次學術研討會, Dec. 2020, Taichung
2020.12 楊尚育(楊尚育)、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien), 34th International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International, Dec. 2020, Singapor
2019.11 林毓雯、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), 社團法人臺灣職能治療學會2019年會員大會暨國際學術研討會, Nov. 2019, 台灣/台北
2019.11 Chiu EC、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), 43rd IHF World Hospital Congress, Nov. 2019, Muscat, Oman
2019.06 王俐庭、林裕恩、林姿妤、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee)、林耘佑, 2019職能治療師全國聯合學術研討會, Jun. 2019, 台灣/台中
2019.05 李秋儒、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), 玉山醫務暨健康管理研討會, May. 2019, 台灣/台中
2018.05 史佩怡、林柏成、陳柏宏、李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), 桌遊融入職能治療計畫提升康家思覺失調症住民社交能力之成效探討 , 2018 International Conference on New Era for Asia Pacific Healthcare Management & The Annual Meeting of Yu-Shan Health Services Administration Association, May. 2018, Taiwan
2017.10 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee), The predictors of theory of mind performance in children with autism spectrum disorder , The 1st Asia-Pacific Occupational Therapy Symposium, Oct. 2017, 台灣/亞洲/桃園
Project Title Participator Period
發展認知評估之人工智慧系統於思覺失調症患者 (MOST 111-2314-B-468-008-) 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee) 2022.08 ~ 2023.07
建構標準化、精準且快速之中風病人職能治療病歷紀錄內容 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee) 2018.08 ~ 2020.07
建構標準化、精準且快速之中風病人職能治療病歷紀錄內容 (10620168) 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee) 2017.08 ~ 2018.07
106年度臺中市預防及延緩失能照護計畫 (20180404223934) 李雅珍(Ya-Chen Lee) 2016.06 ~ 2016.12
Award Name Awarding Unit
第2屆大專校院失智症方案設計競賽 台灣失智症協會
110學年度教學傑出獎 本校
2022亞大綠生活校園提案競賽 本校
110學年度具服務學習內涵課程 服學教學佳作 本校
109學年度院級優良班級導師 本校
109學年度 院級-教學優良教師 本校
108學年度 院級-教學優良教師 本校
校級優良教學獎 本校
校級優良導師 本校
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TT300001A 普通心理學 113
大學日間部 TT300001B 普通心理學 113
大學日間部 TT300031A 職能治療臨床實習(四) 113
大學日間部 TT300033A 職能治療專題討論 113
大學日間部 TT300033A 職能治療專題討論 113
大學日間部 TT300033A 職能治療專題討論 113
大學日間部 TT300069A 學輔時間(一) 113
大學日間部 TT300089A 職能治療評估學 113
大學日間部 TT300089B 職能治療評估學 113
大學日間部 TT300090A 職能治療評估學實習 113
大學日間部 TT300090B 職能治療評估學實習 113
大學日間部 TT300099A 醫學概論 113
大學日間部 TT300117A 職能治療管理學 113
大學日間部 TT300178A 兒童情緒行為職能治療 113
Year Research Title
111 參與休閒娛樂的社區長者之自覺健康狀況、睡眠品質與生活品質之相關性探討-以參與二胡休閒娛樂為例
111 居家服務的介入對於失能者之家庭照顧者的照顧壓力及生活品質成效探討-以新竹市為例
110 社區長者孤獨感和生活品質相關因素探討
110 居家照顧服務使用者孤寂感之影響因子
106 應用認知活動團體於輕度至中度失智長者之成效
106 桌遊融入職能治療計畫提升康家思覺失調症住民社交能力之成效探討